We're launching Refill Birmingham. Refill is a national campaign set up by City to Sea. It aims to reduce plastic pollution at source by making it easier for people to reuse and refill their bottles with free tap water while out and about. Be part of the #refillrevolution in Birmingham.


Refill Birmingham

We are the local champion for the campaign. We are working with a number of partners on Refill Birmingham which we hope will effect systemic change in the city. It should reduce the use of a large quantity of single use plastic bottles and improve the lives of many of the city’s citizens, engage businesses and residents in the environmental agenda, as well as preparing the city for the Commonwealth Games 2022 to be as green and plastic free as possible.



Being such a sizeable city and with the task of engaging businesses and citizens, we have a large task on our hands, but the outcomes are really important and timely. Over the Winter 18/19 we are looking for support, building networks and partners and signing up a critical mass of organisations as Refill Stations on the Refill App as well as exploring ways to increase the number of public fountains in the city.

March/April 2019 we will work more closely with Severn Trent Water and other partners to deliver some Action Days across the city to engage more organisations, volunteers and people to use the Refill App as well as focusing on PR to raise the profile of the campaign.


Why Get Involved?

The three key benefits to becoming a Refill Station: Increase footfallProtect the Planet and Get Involved with your Community.

The three important ways to get involved are to: Download the appCarry a reusable bottle and Spread the Word!


Become a Refill Station

As a business or organisation you can commit to being a Refill Station if you have a publicly accessible tap that provides drinkable water:

Step 1: Sign up as a Refill Station on the Refill App or via the website.

Step 2: Let us know you are on board by emailing refill@ecobirmingham.com and we can get a sticker to you to put on the door/window of your premises.

Step 3: Spread the word! Let us know you’ve signed up. We’re on Twitter @RefillBrum on social media. We’re on Twitter so follow and tag @refillbrum and @ecobirmingham using the hashtag #RefillBirmingham

Step 4: If you are interested in having a pot to collect donations for ecobirmigham please let us know as it will help fund our work on the campaign.

If you have any queries, please read the Business FAQs or get in contact with us. Contact details below.


Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Start using a reusable bottle yourself. Sign up to the app to find out where to refill and track the impact you are making for the planet each time you refill.
  • Spread the word! Run an event at your workplace or in your community. Let us know what you are up to and tell us on social media. We’re on Twitter – @refillbrum and @ecobirmingham and using the hashtag #RefillBirmingham
  • Volunteer at one of our Action Days in Spring 2019.
  • Become a partner organisation. You could donate staff or volunteer support, financial support or maybe you can help us promote the campaign, use your networks and supply chains to effect change or help us gain publicity.