Social Values is a business disruptor on a mission to grow the social economy with many partners.  

Let us show you how with reference to several initiatives already being discussed with partners and funders.


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Introducing Values Shared and our role in helping to grow the social economy

Mapping Birmingham and the West Midlands

Community Passport

Centres for Pride of Place (CPoPs)

A Celebration of Place

Mapping local assets with and within community

A digital currency for contributors


Introducing Values Shared and our role in helping to grow the social economy

Let us now introduce you to a number of initiatives that are well underway which are now being discussed with partners, sponsors and funders.

We would be delighted to discuss any of these with yourself and your colleagues.


Mapping Birmingham and the region

With community. Within community. For community.

The map of the city (soon to be of the region), which our community started to populate in 2020, is fast becoming the go-to place for community to connect with their city; for makers and shapers of place to connect with their community; and for visitors to find out more about Birmingham and the region.

The map, in its various forms, has been viewed over 2 million times since it went live.

The digital technology, shared with community that enabled the creation of these amazing interactive maps, is now planned to be rolled out across the region in a massive “Pride of Place” collaboration.

The digital space driving the production of everything mapped and everything featured whether at a regional level, a local authority level or at a neighbourhood level is Community Passport.

Off the one digital platform, layered content whether related to a location or a topic can be cloned, copied and re-published for any audience.

Collectively viewed by 2 million+ people, no other platform exists with this reach and functionality for connecting people with their place.

Given the 2 million+ reach of these maps, work has started on adding layered content that will advance the marketing of the social economy.

This will include the mapping of:

-  Corporates with CSR/Social Value budgets

-  Centres for Pride of Place (CPoPs)

-  Social enterprise clusters

-  Community support groups

-  Ongoing social value projects

Links off the map will now connect the user to regularly updated features and posts on the social economy.

This digital space will support the region in all things “Pride of Place” for shared prosperity and social and economic growth.


Community Passport

With community. Within community. For community.

Community Passport is an all-inclusive digital space with access to the largest digital mix of tools for building community partnerships.

Community Passport is widely used within the social economy, creating long lasting productive partnerships.


Centres for Pride of Place (CPoPs) 

For shared prosperity and social impact

So important is “Pride of Place” that it has become the focus of the £2.6 billion Shared Prosperity Fund which is the successor to the old EU structural funds.

This new fund is the central pillar of the Levelling Up agenda.

Everyone is after their slice of this massive investment in “Pride of Place”.

For those who succeed in engaging people and inspiring people to take Pride in their Place, the potential rewards are huge.

Not only does community engagement add weight to any future levelling up bid and not only does community involvement generate social value, but people empowered and inspired in “Pride of Place” will add wealth and health to their community in so many ways.

Working with charities, social enterprises and corporates, Shared Values aims to promote and deliver “Pride of Place” by growing a network of Centres for Pride of Place (affectionately known as CPOPs).

As Centres are rolled out across the region, these centres will be connected by establishing an Association of Pride of Place (APoP). 

Community Passport is the digital glue that will connect community and business in a collective drive for “Pride of Place”.

Each CPoP will organise and run courses and  bootcamps to give people the practical digital skills for creating “Pride of Place” content, so they can engage with their place and share content with their community.

Community generated content will include:

-  Photography and video

-  Posts and features

-  Maps and trails

With training in digital skills, it will also progress to:

-  AR and VR content

-  Drone footage

Community generated content will be stored in Community Workspace, accessible via Community Passport.

A Centre for Pride of Place (CPOP) will:-

-  Unite the community

-  Promote a sense of belonging

-  Identify and grow community and business partnerships

-  Deliver practical digital skills

-  Map local assets

-  Run localised engagements and consultations

-  Gather insight on local needs

-  Connect people new to the area to local groups

-  Inform people new to the area about local assets

A Centre for Pride of Place (CPOP) by involving community, by transferring digital skills and by engaging local business will help grow the social economy.


A celebration of Place

With community. Within community. For community.

Birmingham Settlement, one of the leading charities in Birmingham, has offered to make their Health & Wellbeing Centre, that runs alongside Edgbaston Reservoir, available for the last weekend of September 2023.

This provides the ideal setting for an inaugural annual celebration of place, bringing together business and community for all things “Pride of Place”.

A programme of events will showcase the practical support that will be provided to organisations interested in becoming a Centre for Pride of Place (CPoP) and interested in the future of An Association of Pride of Place (APoP),  

This event will also showcase some of the wonderful urban spaces and discuss how such urban spaces can flourish.

With the space and timing of this event, it would also provide an ideal opportunity for Birmingham and the region to show its commitment to the social economy.

It would provide an ideal opportunity to bring together business of all forms to discuss what collectively can be done to grow the social economy.


Mapping our local assets

With community. Within community. For community.

There is no one better than those people who live in, work in and visit a place to shape, make and promote that place. 

So why not give people the digital tools and skills so they can actively participate in creating maps of their place and its assets.  These can be assets of a neighbourhood, a town, a city and even of a region. 

This is exactly where Community Passport comes in, supporting place shaping collaborations across business and community.

Community Passport is an ideal digital platform for growing Shared Values with the mapping of local assets.

See article HERE.


A digital currency for community 

With community. Within community. For community.

It is only fair that people who contribute to growing pride of place and become actively involved in mapping should be recognised for the positive contribution they make to their place. 

Values Shared will be taking forward a new initiative that looks to recognise the work of contributors with a digital currency that rewards the community they represent.

This form of gamification is now in a test phase of development.


For further information:

Jonathan Bostock

07432 637322